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Food Safety - Level 1
Food Hygiene Certificate Online

Who is the level 1 food hygiene course online suitable for?
Temporary or part time staff that do not handle open food and are under continuous supervision.

This course is not suitable for owner operators, who should be trained to at least level 2

Aim of the course:
To develop knowledge of the basic principles of food hygiene. The course has not been designed to assess academic ability,
but to develop a basic awareness of food safety matters.

Topics covered:
  • Temperature control
  • Food poisoning
  • Personal health and hygiene
  • Cross contamination
  • Food storage
  • Waste disposal
  • Foreign body contamination
  • Awareness of pests
Delivery method:
How long does the course take?
60 to 90 mins.
Learning Outcome:
By the end of the course students will be able to demonstrate knowledge of temperature control, food poisoning, personal health and hygiene, cross contamination, food storage, waste disposal, foreign body contamination, awareness of pests.
Assessment Criteria:
The 20 minute online exam consists of 20 multiple choice questions covering the topics taught in the course. The pass mark is 15 correct answers (75%).
Stylish A4 colour certificate, laminated for display in the kitchen.
Certificate Delivery:
Next working day by first class post.
£17.50 + VAT